Tuesday, February 25, 2014

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Monday, June 13, 2011

June 7, 2011 - In retrospect...

June 7 was day 2 of my workout-of-death endeavor.

I got REALLY excited when I realized that it was ALL stretching.  WOOO HOOOOO!  I've totally got this.  Got out my yoga mat & my trusty super-nifty resistance band...and off I went to get down with my bad self.  (Editors Note:  Not only does Shay have a stubborn side, she also has presumptuous tendencies.)

WHO knew that 40 minutes of deep tissue stretching & yoga could not only make you ache all over, but my lungs were not very happy with me either!  I seriously felt like Shrek stepped on my chest.  Which is rather dumbfounding, since I don't smoke...and I talk ALL the time!  My lungs REALLY should not hurt after yoga.

I learned a few things about myself during day #2's stretch-a-thon:

  • I am NOT made of rubber.
  • kitchen floors are still hard, even with a top-notch yoga mat on them.
  • Pausing the DVD to move the mat to carpet & re-situate the computer does not make you a slacker.
  • The exact moment that you get focused in a meditation, one teenager or another has the most important unimportant thing in the world to tell you.
  • Stretching pinches AND gives you muscle spasms.
  • The, "If you are broken, check with your doctor first" warnings Aren't just for idiots.
Am I convinced that I can still "do-this"?  Yep.  Am I suspicious that I might find myself curled up with a heating pad afterwards?  Double Yup.

Monday, June 6, 2011

What Was Shay Thinking?!?!


Three Kids, and 17 years of not working out later, I get the wild idea to get back in to shape. NOT my pre-child shape, just better shape than I'm in now.  What was I thinking?!

I was thinking it would be a GREAT idea.  I was thinking that it would be beyond fantastic to wear the clothes that I already have & be, dare I say it...comfortable! I was thinking, that I will be much more satisfied with this silly little body that I was given, when I am back in what I deem to be a more fit state of being.

Apparently I was also thinking that it would be so much easier to do than it really is.  12 minutes into the 30 minutes of day 1 - I had to stop, drop & roll.  Seriously.  All the boxing moves, squats, roundhouse kicks, and tread of my new sneakers conflicting with the carpet, left me on the floor, trying to help my knees regain consciousness.  Sweet.Mother.Of.Pearl.

6 days a week, for 9 weeks, AND that is just the Prep Program.  THEN comes 20 weeks of actual "work out".  Wait...what????  Wow.  What was I thinking????  By the end, I was thinking that I'm going to make this happen, even it takes until the Good Lord comes back around!

I learned a few things about myself during the day #1 routine-of-death:

  • Choreography is harder to learn than a Foreign Language. 
  • New shoes + carpet add the wrong kind of resistance.  
  • Your teenage son will assume that your sportsbra was a freebie that came with the DVD's, simply because it's the same color as the DVD packaging.
  • A good laugh is just what you need to pick yourself up off the floor & get back in the game.
Not only will I do this, I'm gonna rock it out!  Time to sleep it all off, and prepare for day #2...